Õhtu-Kallas - the House on the Evening Shore - creates space for encounters. A coffee room with kitchen on the ground floor will be its centrepiece, inviting people to sit at small tables, read newspapers, chat, meet each other, drink coffee or tea, eat cakes or other little delicacies. The space is at the disposal of artists to host readings, presentations, literary circles and small concerts.



Creative minds can live and work in the house for one to six months, either through residency programmes, other projects or on their own initiative. For this purpose, three to four rooms on the upper floor as well as a studio room on the ground floor and a music room in the annex will be available. A large studio room in the annex can be used flexibly. Artists from Haapsalu or the region can permanently rent a working space in the annex.



Cultural mediation will be a key focus. Workshops with resident and local artists, animations, theater projects, seminars, meetings with unknown people, round tables, cooperations with schools in Haapsalu, reading circles and more are possible contents. Culturally interested children, adolescents, adults and residents of the sanatoriums near by will be the target audience of the various offerings.



Creative concepts for the operating of the café will be developed with participants. Unconventional arrangements will enable interested people to gain experience. The running of the café may be entrusted to young people with the guidance of a mentor for instance, allowing the youngsters to gain work experience.


Two rooms on the ground floor will be available for rent to families, acquaintances, guests or to other creators.



There will be a potential opportunity every year  to temporarily suspend regular operations of the House on the Evening Shore and to create space for big ideas, such as summer camps, theater projects, exchange programs, seminars or for joint activities with cultural festivals taking place in Haapsalu. The House is open for visionary aspirations and out-of-the-box thinkers, it is a place where grandiose ideas can become reality.



Part of the garden is intended for social gatherings with seating, sauna and outdoor kitchen. In the other part of the property will have a garden with oases for quiet contemplation with hammocks or a gazebo. Garden beds will make it possible to work, design and harvest together.

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