Õhtu-Kallas - the House on the Evening Shore - is a collaborative project requiring the help of many people with different resources. There are no investors behind it, only people who want to make something special possible with their dreams and inspiration. The team includes professionals from numerous disciplines working voluntarily in this project. We want to offer a platform with this house so that others can realise their visions and synergies become possible.


If our concept and vision speak to you, you can help to make our vision even more dynamic.

How can I help?

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Join in
  • help with know-how, skills or manpower

  • sponsor material that is needed for the renovation and furnishing

  • lend tools or machinery necessary for renovations

  • donate materials to help us bring life back to the house

  • engage creatively or culturally for the house

To help with finances
  • donate money

  • loan money to the company

  • join as co-owner of the house with equity

The house has been empty for several years. The overall costs for purchase and renovation are estimated at €550'000 to €600'000. More detailed budgets are in preparation. Part of the sum will be covered with private capital. For the rest, we are looking for individuals, foundations and organisations to help via donations, equity or loans to our organisation to support our vision. No dividends are paid, as this is not about making a financial profit. However, we are convinced that this house will give back intangibly.


The house will be achored in two legal entities in Estonia: a limited-liability company (OÜ) and a non-profit organisation (MTÜ). The OÜ will own and renovate the house, and will rent the property to the MTÜ. The MTÜ in turn will be responsible for running the house and will carry out the cultural programme. The MTÜ will appoint a project manager for this work. The annual operating costs are estimated at about €40'000, but depending on the actual construction costs, donations and the equity ultimately available, this number may still change.


We are looking forward to meeting like-minded people who believe that not only money makes a difference but something special can be created by ordinary people who work towards a great vision together.

MTÜ Õhtu-Kallas, Haapsalu

Constitution (Estonian)

Commercial register: 80549705

Bank: LHV

IBAN: EE457700771003057279

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