In summer 2017 we formulated this vision for the House on the Evening Shore:

“We believe that ideas and visions are necessary for development. We envision the House on the Evening Shore as a hub for encounters that will join people and resources across origins and generations.


The house and garden have a unique and mystical appeal. They form a unity: nature, sea, evening sun, tranquility, company, inspiration and synergy for collaboration.”


Last summer we were the House’s tenants. We opened doors and windows and the wind breathed fresh life into the House. It was a special summer that brought people together and touched them. We are happy and grateful that such a summer was possible and thank everyone who joined in and contributed a little bit of their spirit.

In spring 2019 it became clear that our dream of acquiring the House ourselves would remain unfulfilled. Our funds were insufficient. At the same time, it was important that the House would get new owners who possess the means to renovate it soon.

We are pleased to announce that new owners have indeed been found who also want to conserve the historic features of the House. We wish them and the House a happy time together.


What is to become of our vision?


The House and its location inspired our vision. In the light of recent events, this vision is now homeless. The House that we so love is now beyond our reach - it lives its own life from here on in.


What now? Can this vision live on and be fulfilled even without a physical location and form?


Many people who visited us found an inspiration or a dream, which could be realised with such a house of creativity.

We only ask one favour: if you have formed a wish, a vision or an inspiration in connection with the House on the Evening Shore, please share it with us here in a comment. We warmly invite you to do so!

Maybe you simply write it down for yourself, to keep it in your heart and to continue your journey with it. Perhaps, one day, the seed or the energy, which you have received from the Evening Shore, will grow and flourish.


And perhaps the vision of the Evening Shore will one day be fulfilled.

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