Value equality

All contributions are valuable in their own right: ideas, planning, manpower, finances etc are all equal. This also goes for the people involved in the project - no one is better than others. We treat everyone with respect and kindness. All important decisions are taken collectively and democratically.

Inspire and work with joy

We inspire each other and share in each other’s accomplishments. Everyone contributes to the project as much and as long as it gives them joy. We are strong when we work together. Teamwork makes the dream work!

See gratitude

Apart from a few specific processes, our work is voluntary. We are grateful for every contribution - no matter how big or small. Feedback, mutual recognition and gratitude are important cornerstones of the project.

Implement sustainably

Renovations, maintenance and operation of the complex take place with the highest regard for nature and the environment. Recycling and leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible are central to our daily operations.

Open our hearts and minds

We do everything with an open heart and an open mind. In all our activities, we are honest and transparent. We set our example by speaking the truth constructively, even when things do not go as planned. Our actions speak louder than words and we are mindful to be consistent in both. Whenever we speak publicly (e.g. in the media) about the project, we first discuss it with the team.

Nurture positivity

We talk about each other and our actions in a positive way and do our best to lift each other up. We trust that everyone does their best.

We place importance on the right tone of saying and doing something. Sometimes the tone and context of our words and deeds can be more decisive than what we say or do - which creates positive energy within the team that shines through.

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